Lytes Cary Manor National Trust Visit

This weekend we continued making the most of our annual National Trust Passes and visited Lytes Cary Manor and Gardens which is around half an hour from where we live.

Lytes Cary Manor National Trust Visit

Even though Lytes Cary isn’t too far from where we live, it isn’t somewhere we had visited before.

Often when we visit a National Trust Property we like to make a whole day out of it and we just didn’t think there would be enough here to do that.

However, with the weather not being up to much and not really wanting to spend a whole day out and about, we thought this weekend would be the perfect time to visit.

Lytes Cary consists of a small manor house, which was closed on the day we visited (this wasn’t an issue and we were aware this would be the case thanks to checking the app before we travelled) and arts and crafts gardens.

We were greeted by a lovely member of staffed who scanned our passes and gave us a little colouring book and stickers for our daughter.

The gardens switch between small areas of perfectly manicured lawns and shrubbery to meadow areas with wild flowers we growing.

We enjoyed walking around the gardens but they are very small in compression to other properties we have visited and only took us around half an hour to fully explore.

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Walks and Woodlands at Lytes Cary Manor

There are three different walks at Lytes Cary, all of which start along a track which runs along the side of the house and gardens.

The track leads to a large field and about half way along this field on the left, there is a small bridge which takes you into the woodlands.

Follow the path and eventually you’ll come across a lovely children’s play area and obstacle course, a picnic area and lots of prompts for getting children to use their imagination while exploring the woodlands.

We were lucky to have the play area all to ourselves and our three year old spend lots of time climbing and really enjoying herself. There are a couple of smaller play areas just past this one too which we also found to be great fun.

The picnic area was so lovely we really wished we’d brought some lunch with us! Definitely helped also that the sun was shining.

The table had beautiful leaf carvings with the type of tree they came from listed on so we looked around for leaves to match to those on the table.

There are are two further walks that you can around the estate (marked with little arrows!) but our little one was too tired after all of her playing so we headed back to the car.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visited to Lytes Cary Manor. While we only spent around two hours here, if the weather had been warmer we would have definitely brought a picnic to enjoy either in the grounds or in the woodland picnic and spent a bit longer soaking up the country air.

Dogs are welcome at the property although only assistance dogs are allowed in the house and formal gardens. There is a tea room and second hand bookshop and Lytes Cary run events throughout the year including markets and and Easter Trail.

If you’re in the local area then Lytes Cary Manor is lovely National Trust Property to visit. If we hadn’t had our daughter with us we would definitely have attempted one of the longer walks and it’s near enough to Glastonbury Tor and Clarks Village that you could combine a visit with one of these other local attractions.

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