Once again this year, we are planning to make the most of our National Trust Pass by visiting as many properties as we can.

We recently visited Tyntesfield National Trust property for the second time I thought I’d write a little bit about our day out there.

When we visited Tyntesfield last year, there were still quite a few Covid restrictions in place, so while we did enjoy our visit, we did feel it wasn’t quite as good as it could have been.

A few weekends ago we decided to give it another try and we honestly had the best day out. I definitely think the early spring sunshine helped!

When we visited Tyntesfield before, we didn’t really know where we were going and so missed quite a lot of the play equipment which is located in the woodlands at the back of the house.

This time we knew where to go (having spoken to friends and taken a photograph of the map at the entrance!) and we enjoyed our visit immensely.

I’d say it’s probably our second favourite place after visiting Lacock Abby and I can definitely see us visiting several more times this year.

Our Favourite Part of Tyntesfield National Trust

Our favourite part of Tyntesfield was definitely climbing up through the woodlands and enjoying all of the children’s play areas with our little girl.

To get to this area, carry on straight ahead after passing through the Home Farm / Entrance area instead of heading right, which takes you through a small field and leads to the house.

Visiting Tyntesfield National Trust

This route takes you around the back of the main house and you’ll also pass some holiday cottages. Follow the signs for the Saw Mill and head up the incline towards it, rather than following the main road around the property.

Once at the Saw Mill, take a sharp left (there is a path) and head up into the woods where you will find four distinct children’s play areas as well as lots of stick dens and other things to climb on, jump over and just generally explore. There are also lots of benches and places to sit and enjoy picnics.

Visiting Tyntesfield National Trust
One of the many woodland play areas at Tyntesfield

We enjoyed this area of woodlands so much, and exploring all the different play areas meant our little one didn’t get fed up or bored of walking.

There is quite a steep incline both in and out of the woodlands so this area isn’t suitable for buggy’s or those who may have mobility issues.

Cafe & Play Area at Tyntesfield National Trust

After our jaunt around the woodlands, we headed along the main pathway/road towards the Café, Walled Gardens and another play area.

While this play area is lovely, being that we visited at 2pm on a Sunday it was extremely busy so we only had a quick play stop. However there is plenty there to keep little ones occupied while parents stop for a hot drink.

Me enjoying the sunshine in the woodlands

There is a grassy area behind the café which is a lovely place to sit and would typically be less busy but this was closed on our visited. We grabbed three ice creams, one coffee and one soft drink which cost £12ish and enjoyed them on one of the benches outside the café.

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Walled Gardens & Orangery

Once we were feeling suitable rested we had a look around the walled gardens and orangery. It was lovely to able show our little one all the different vegetables and herbs that were growing and she enjoyed running along all the different pathways.

Tyntesfield National Trust: House and Gardens

Finally, we headed up towards the house and gardens which a beautiful. The house is open but we decided to leave it for another day as we’d already done a lot of walking.

Tyntesfield house

The grounds in front of the house are ideal for picnics and there are also plenty of benches where you can sit and enjoy the views.

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to Tyntesfield this time around and we will definitely be back again later this year.

Find Tyntesfield on Google Maps.

Buy a National Trust Pass. We were gifted a National Trust Pass for Christmas from my parents so we didn’t pay for entry or parking.

You can purchase passes from around £11 a month and you can pay monthly.

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