Wondering if you can take your pooch with you on a break to Center Parcs? Here’s everything you need to know about whether you can take dogs to Center Parcs.

Center Parcs is an amazing holiday with plenty of outdoor activities which makes it perfect for bringing the families best friend along. However, are you actually allowed to bring dogs to Center Parcs?

Can You Take Dogs To Center Parcs?

The good news is yes, Center Parcs do actually allow you to bring your dog or dogs on holiday with you.

You’ll need to book dog friendly accommodation, which in my experience does tend to be further away from the main hubs where the swimming pool and sports centers are, especially at Longleat where it’s mostly the other side of the park.

Can You Take Dogs To Center Parcs?

We have taken our dogs on several holidays to Center Parcs and found that the accommodation was in excellent condition. There was never any sign of dog hair or mess from previous occupants and we didn’t notice any signs of damage which could have been caused by other people’s pets staying there.

How Many Dogs Can You Take To Center Parcs?

Center Parcs allow you to bring up to two dogs on holiday with you.

We once had a situation where one of our dogs died before our holiday and Center Parcs were actually kind enough to refund the difference in cost when I rung about something else relating to our holiday.

How Much Does It Cost To Take Dogs To Center Parcs?

It costs £69 to bring one dog to Center Parcs and £95 to bring two dogs to Center Parcs. This can seem like a lot of extra cost on top of what is already quite an expensive holiday, however, this is much less than using a kennels or a full time dog sitter. 

If you have a day pass to Center Parcs to visit friends and family who are staying there, you are not able to bring a dog with you (not including assistance dogs).

Does My Dog Need To Be On A Lead At Center Parcs?

Yes, dogs do need to be on a lead at all times when at Center Parcs.

There are designated dog exercise areas where dogs are allowed off the lead but these are very small (or they were during out last visit).

We have a collie and the area wasn’t big enough to let her off for a good run around or ball throwing session, so do bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to take your dogs to Center Parcs.

Can You Take Dogs To Center Parcs?
My Dad and Brother at Center Parcs Longleat with our family dog Frieda

Center Parcs sites are huge and as a large number of people take their dogs with them on holiday, this one area that could really do with improving.

Dogs can be off the lead in your accommodation but are not allowed in any other buildings. This does not apply to assistance dogs.

Can I Bring Any Other Pets To Center Parcs?

Center Parcs do not allow you to bring any other pets with you on your holiday.

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What About Center Parcs European Locations?

Did you know Center Parcs has lots of European Locations? Most of these allow 1-2 domestic animals per villa for an additional charge. You’ll need to check the rules of the site you’re looking at before booking.

Would I take a dog to Center Parcs with me again?

Yes, absolutely.

Center Parcs is perfect for lots of lovely long dog walks. Just don’t forget to pack plenty of poo bags and be aware of some on the limitations taking a dog might place on your trip.

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